International Education Week in 2022

The goal of International Education Week has always been, at its core, the opportunity to explore, learn about and to celebrate our connections to the world beyond our local and national boundaries. If we were ever in any doubt as to the depth of those connections, the past two years and the tragic consequences of a global pandemic has taught us that our humanity cannot be divided. We have always - and will always - thrive and suffer as a world. Yet, even as we have hunkered down and been involuntarily(?) ‘rooted in the community’ – we have continued to ‘reach for the world’ as illustrated by the sessions offered this year. 

Our keynote speaker, Mary Akpovi, was born overseas, but gained her education and has spent her professional life here in California. Throughout, she as maintained her global outlook through her volunteer work overseas where she has been instrumental in founding schools in three African countries that support vocational education for women (Tues 5:00). 

We also have a number of sessions with people who are trying to bridge the gap between ‘here’ and ‘there’ with two panels of current and former students who have studied abroad (Mon 3:00, Tues 11:00) as well as a session on upcoming opportunities to go abroad with Humboldt faculty (Wed 1:00). 

Perhaps just as important as the ‘going’, are the two sessions with colleagues from the College of the Redwoods that are, each in their own way, exploring not only what we can do abroad – but what it means to come home (Mon 11:00, Thur 2:00). 

More specifically, there is a strong theme in the arts with music (Mon 10:00, Tues 2:00), literature (Wed 2:00) and dance (Wed 11:00) as well as religion and culture (Mon 12:00, Mon 2:00, Mon 4:00) from around the world. As well as a number of opportunities to explore specific places and issues from a global perspective (Tues 10:00, Fri 10:00, Fri 11:00). 

Speaking of perspective and taking advantage of our virtual format, we also have the honor of hosting two distinguished foreign speakers: Dr Tom Mills from University of Lancaster in the UK (Wed 9:00) who will talk about Latin America from the British point of view and Baroness Suttie of Hawick, a member of the House of Lords in London and leading political expert on Russia. 

Finally, we have our traditional theme of career advice and guidance. The Peace Corps representative and the new diplomat in residence from the State Department will both be offering two sessions (Peace Corps: Tues 11:00/Wed 12:00 and State Department: Tues 3:00/Thur 11:00) and our own Academic Career and Advising Center will also have two sessions on top tips and practical steps in terms working overseas. 

What shines through the week is the idea that perhaps ‘international’ should no longer be thought of as a physical place, but that it can be an attitude of heart and mind. A new sense of “globality” that reflects a desire to understand and explore ideas, cultures and ways of being in the world, in a way and space that engages with respect and humility all that is different from ourselves whenever and wherever we can – even if we stay right here at home. 

Welcome to International Education Week 2022 where we are rooted in the community and STILL reaching for the world. 

Dr Alison Holmes
Professor, International Studies
International Education Week Convener 

IEW at Humboldt  

Now in its 23nd year at Cal Poly Humboldt, this internationally recognized, FREE annual event is part of a joint initiative between the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education and open to the campus and community, and offering a variety of fun and interesting events:

  • Keynote speaker, featured lectures and presentations

  • Panel discussions on current events and global topics

  • Workshops on studying, working and living abroad

Session Schedule

A unit of credit is available for attending this event through Anthropology, Communications, Economics, Geography, History, International Studies and Political Science

The week is sponsored by the International Studies ProgramAcademic and Career Advising CenterCenter for International Programs, the College of Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences, the College of Extended Education & Global Engagement, the  the Humboldt Library, and the Centers for Academic Excellence.

Mary Akpovi

Keynote Speaker - Mary Akpovi, MBA, MBT, Ph.D., CPA

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